Lefkada Villas

February 23, 2014

Lefkada Villas in Greece

Lefkada is an island in Greece – pristine, lovely in the lush greenery of its mountains and valleys, exquisite in the sparkling aqua-blue waters of the surrounding sea.  You feel you are right in the heart of all that is grand and magnificent about nature.  And yet the island is connected to the mainland by a floating bridge, so that it is accessible by car.

The natural beauty of the island takes your breath away.  It is nature at its very best – unspoilt, pure, splendid. You enjoy the unsurpassed temperate climate of the Mediterranean – long hours under the balmy sun, cooled by nippy breezes, especially during summer where everything seems to be at its finest.

Lefkada villas dot the entire island.  They thus form an inherent part of your Lefkas holidays. Lefkada villas make it possible for you to enjoy the breath-taking majestic natural beauty of the island while having the benefit of the finest amenities of the villas.

Lefkada villas are designed to enhance the Greek holiday experience.  There are Lefkada villas to suit your every taste, need, and budget.

There are Lefkada villas within the range of the beaches found on the west coast of the island.  These beaches are distinct for their amazing brilliant waters. You can swim, go scuba-diving or yachting, sunbathing, or simply enjoy the glorious breeze and view under the shade of the perfect umbrella.

These Lefkas villas are hugely popular– particularly among the beach-loving crowd.  They can be unusually full, especially during the summer months, as tourists flock into the island, out to enjoy one of the finest summer holidays that only the Mediterranean can provide. You can simply lounge around with a book if you prefer a soothing and tranquil getaway.  You can go exploring to find your own private lagoon. Or you can enjoy parasailing and other active and more energetic sports in the sports centre – if you are a sports enthusiast.

lefkada villas

lefkada villas

There are Lefkas villas situated in locations which allow you to mingle with the locals and to take in their exceptionally interesting, colourful, peaceful, and laid-back lifestyle.  You can explore these fishing villages. You can get to know the local folk.  You can enjoy a drink or two in a local tavern or enjoy a succulent meal full of the flavours and colours unique to Mediterranean cuisine.

Or you can opt for the Lefkada villas found way up the island’s hilly terrain.  You can go trekking, lingering over the awesome beautiful lush forests while on your long walks.  The more adventurous tourists can venture out of their Lefkas villas, hiking way up and deep into the island’ secluded heart to discover hidden waterfalls or look into sky scraping mountain peaks.

Some tourists prefer the Lefkas villas nestled in the sun-kissed valleys, enjoying the fresh scent of the pines that perfume every nook and cranny of the valley. At night, one can easily go to town and enjoy its lively and relatively sophisticated night life.

Lefkas villas are simply a few minutes’ drive to town. You have the opportunity to look at old churches steeped in the aura of Renaissance era. You can visit the museums and take a look at the local traditional costumes and attires of the island’s peoples.

Lefkas villas are a way of life for the tourist out to have a good time in the island.  Lefkas villas provide the finest amenities, while giving you easy access to what is truly the heart of a memorable Lefkada holiday vacation.

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