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March 10, 2014

Lefkada studios are sources of accommodation that exist in the Lefkada Island. The island has a rich and beautiful serene. The beaches and its environment are suitable for the most memorable vacations. You will need to match this up with a great place to stay at. Lefkada studios is definitely what you are looking for. Some of the most beautiful and state of the art studios include:

  • Nidri Garden Beach Studios and Rooms

Located beside Nidri beach, these studios are surrounded by a beautiful flower garden. Their rooms accommodate two people thus a good get away for couples. The balconies have a lovely view of the sea. In addition, they have some technological advancements in that they come with TV viewing local channels, air conditioning, a fridge and a bathroom. You are allowed to connect to the internet with their free WiFi. You can walk to the beach and enjoy the fresh atmosphere or even better take a swim. This area is normally quiet and is not congested.

  • Dionysos Studios and Apartments

The Dionysis Studio is more modernized and built to suit your comfort. The rooms are spacious and clean. It is 100 metres from Nidri beach but if you would rather not walk out to enjoy a swim, the studio has a beautiful pool in its compound. To cool the temperatures, they also have air conditioning. You get to enjoy some cable and you can sit out on the balcony and enjoy the view.

  • Aloni Studios and Apartments

Located in Athani village, this studio has a warm friendly atmosphere. You get to enjoy a wonderful view towards the Ionian sea. It is bordered by two beaches namely the Porto Katsiki and Egkremni beaches. Its green mountainous view is to die for and the terrain is build for fun activities such as hikes.

  • Vaya Hotel and Apartments

These apartments are located very close to the sea and this closeness offers a very lovely view of the sea especially in t he evenings. It has a small harbor in which you can park your boat or yatch right in front of the hotel. The rooms are all air conditioned with cable for television. In addition, you also get to enjoy free

  • WiFi internet

Their balconies face the sea and the view from this point is amazing. The hotel has a set of well prepared cuisines. Entertainment is boosted by the presence of satellite TV. Its beauty is enhanced with its nice gardens which are placed beside the sea. All the named features in place, it is suitable for couples, family get together and recreational groups.

lefkada studios

lefkada studios

  • Crissa’s House

Named after its owner, Crissa, is located Vassiliki and is very close to the beach. The rooms are large enough to accommodate up to 4 people. The rooms have a fridge, a private bathroom, air conditioning and also hot beverage making facilities. The rooms are simple and very clean. Enjoy your entertainment with free WiFi.

It has a shared kitchen for its guests who seem to enjoy some home cooked meals. Its beautiful garden allows for barbecues with the provision of a nice shade of the plane trees. This is a home away from home.

  • Evis Studios

This Lefkadda studio is located on the west side of the island. It is close to the Kathisma beach and is built on a hill in which it is constantly green so that it suits out door lovers. It has three fully equipped apartments which can accommodate two too four people each. It is spacious and accommodating as everything you require is already at your disposal. It is surrounded with natural beauty considering its location on the hills.

  • Captain’s Studios

These studio is surrounded by a beautiful well taken care of garden. They are spacious enough to hold all modern equipment so as to offer you comfort. It is furnished even with interior décor. You can opt to relax on the balcony overlooking a forest. The studio can accommodate up to two people. It is strategically positioned such that you could enjoy some activities rather than stay indoors. A few minutes from the studio is a beach that allows for windsurfing and swimming.

There are quite a number of Lefkada studios and you are bound to find one with your specifications. Whether you are a sports fun or a quiet person that loves to just enjoy nature, the Lefkada Island has your needs put into consideration. As you enjoy your vacation, ensure that Lefkada Studios offer your solution to accommodation.

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