Lefkada Rooms your Key to a Richly Rewarding Island Vacation

March 15, 2014

Beaches.Nightclubs. Music. Wonderful food. These are just a few of the reasons that Lefkada has achieved a distinction as a major vacation destination. This Ionian Sea island is a popular tourist attraction and allows you the chance to connect with the rich culture so thoroughly identified with Greek life. When you visit the Greek island of Lefkada rooms that offer convenience and comfort are one of your most important consideration.

For individuals around the world a beach vacation is a special delight. It is even more fun when you can experience a carefree island holiday and leave the worries of daily life behind you. The Greek islands have earned a well-deserved reputation as a top travel destination. On the island of Lefkada you can expect to discover exotic food, family fun, exhilarating outdoor adventures and a warm welcome from friendly, local residents.

lefkada Rooms

lefkada Rooms

Island life on Lefkada is immensely relaxing and guests have the unique chance to explore the mysteries of the ocean; travel to small fishing villages; hike through the mountains or discover the natural wonders that await them when they trek through native woodlands.

The picturesque beauty of Lefkada includes majestic landscapes, deep blue ocean water and serene villages that are set amidst the island’s hills and mountains. From many of the finest Lefkada rooms it is possible to enjoy the colorful sunsets that transform the azure waters into multi-colored rainbows each evening.

Lefkada is often considered to be one of the most beautiful of all the islands located in the Ionian Sea. Relax with a walk along the sands of the Porto Katsiki beach or spend the day snorkeling, diving or swimming. While visiting you can easily travel to neighboring locations such as Scorpidi, Kithro, Meganisi or Sparti.

In addition to the sunny beaches there are many historic sites that are waiting to be admired. The charm of small villages vie with the excitement of life in Lefkada’s larger communities. During one holiday stay you can experience a wide range of activities that give you a much better understanding of the casual and rewarding lifestyle that the island residents enjoy.

Visit the busy modern shops that offer souvenirs, paintings and other handcrafted objects. Dine at cafes and restaurants which feature authentic Greek cuisine and fresh, local seafood dishes. Listen to live music and explore the region’s rich cultures and traditions.

Nikiana is one region where you can find a number of Lefkada rooms available for tourists throughout the year. Whether you prefer a larger apartment for a lengthy stay or simply require a single room for one night the accommodations in Nikiana will surely be able to meet your needs.

One of the convenient features that distinguishes Lefkada from many surrounding islands is the bridge that connects it directly to the Greek mainland. This makes it easy to reach the island by a private car or taxi. Lefkada is only a short drive from the cities of Patra and Igoumenitsa and it only requires a few hours of driving time to reach the island if you are departing from the Greek capital of Athens.

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